Beer information

Maps for planning bicycle trips:
The Beer Mapping project - Belgium
The Beer Mapping project - Netherlands

Great local brouwerijs to visit in the Netherlands:

De Molen - Bodegraven. Restaurant and bar open Tuesday - Sunday from noon. They have tours on Saturdays, contact them for a reservation.
De Prael - Amsterdam
Het Ij - Amsterdam. They have a large bar with outdoor space at the base of a windmill! In Amsterdam. That alone is worth a visit, but the beer is certainly delicious as well.
Jopen - Haarlem. Jopen has opened a restaurant and bar inside a remodeled church, called the Jopenkerk. Great food and some of their hard to otherwise find beers.
Texelse Brouwerij- Texel. On the middle of the island, accessible by ferry, the brewery offers tours on most days. No food, but there are other establishments nearby.

Local Beer organisations
The largest beer lovers organization in the Netherlands. There are events and festivals listed on the website. It's a great place to make connections to other beer people! Join if you can.
Alliantie van Bier Tapperijen 
A alliance of specialty beer cafes. The cafes are listed on the website and will always have a great selection of craft beers. They have a "bier van de maand" every month that can be very unusual or impossible to find anywhere else. 

A list of my favorite beers: