About me

This blog began when I moved from NYC to the Netherlands. I lived there for just over three years, in total cycling paradise (other than the weather). It was a wonderful experience, not least, because bicycles are an integral part of daily life there; common, accepted and supported. My blog was about enjoying Holland and, of course, cycling without a helmet. (They don't wear helmets! And their heads are just fine!)

I've since moved again, this time to California. It's a weather paradise and I can't believe more people don't choose to ride bicycles. Everyday is lovely. I have a helmet again and wear it sometimes because of peer pressure,  fear of dooring, and downhill speeds (!!) but I think everyone should do what they feel most comfortable doing. I will continue posting occasionally from California until I am bored or run out of things to say. :)

 Just ride your bike!

Iowa, 1984

Iowa, 1997

Frak city
New York, 2009
Netherlands, 2010

Santa Barbara, 2013