Monday, December 16, 2013

California motorized cruiser


  1. That's one impressive bicycle, although I prefer them non-motorized. Could that be a selfmade design? Definitely good work. Looks a bit "steampunk", or "dieselpunk" rather.

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  3. There are now heaps of these noisy stinky machines here in Darwin Australia. I can't stand them. Always seem to be ridden by middle aged men who ride them flat out along the bicycle paths (rarely ever on the road) I suspect they appeal to guys who have lost their license for drink driving.

    1. You are lucky you have bike paths! We have some painted stripes on the roads.
      I understand the annoyance - in the Netherlands there are often fast motorised vehicles on the bike paths. There is a speed limit but many people ignore it, just as irresponsible as they would be driving a car.

  4. Always great to have extra help from a motorised bicycle! Nice to see the mountain bike helmet too =)