Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bicycles at the beach

Yesterday, we went for a little daytrip to Carpinteria, it's about 14 miles / 22k from our home. We brought the dog, planning to visit a brewery and walk along the cliffs, so no bicycles.  :(

But then we found that the brewery AND cliffs are bicycle friendly!

Time to get a trailer!!

Parked at the bike rack by the Island Brewing Company tasting room- Powered by Coffee and Chocolate (and beer). 
Powered by Coffee and Chocolate
We asked the cyclist about his broom... it was a long story, but in the end he wanted to buy a broom and so he taped it to his bicycle for the journey back to his RV.
Broom shopping (+ electrical tape)
Some people taking in the view after riding on a sandy path.
Beach bicycle view
We walked past this man parking his bicycle near some trees. When he turned, we noticed his little dog in a bag across his chest! How cool is that dog?
Cycling with your dog to the beach
Here are two children were trying to carry their bicycle down the cliff to the beach.
Helping your sister carry a bike to the beach
And of course, there was Mr. California on the walk back.


  1. Hey, nice Pictures. Even the beer looks exotic. How did you like it?
    Here the weather has switched to autumn. Let us know how the dark part of the year turns out below 35° North.

    1. The beer was okay- too hoppy for me, but most californian beers are too hoppy for me. They love hops without a counter balance here. Dark part of the year? It's still sunny everyday- hasn't rained in months! :) I miss clouds.