Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday sightseeing

 About 20 kilometers from my apartment is the site of a WWII Japanese attack...

Japanese Attack Plaque
So why not make it a nice ride destination? (I'm a little starved for historical sites over here.)

From downtown Santa Barbara, I had to cross over the freeway that intersects the town.

There are bridges and tunnels for this purpose, and the safest and closest one is on Junipero street.

Bridge over Freeway 101

Riding along Modoc road is quite pleasant except for the weird car parking rules. Motorists are restricted from parking in the bike lane between 7am and 6pm, except Sundays.
Luckily, the road is not very busy it's okay to use the car lane while they use the bike lane. Weird, right?

Cycling on Modoc
From Modoc, there is a turn onto the coastal route bike path, a long stretch of mostly segregated trail.

It's very relaxing! But watch out for pedestrians and dogwalkers. The path ends with a few turns toward the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Separated Bike Path near the beach
The university has very impressive bicycle infrastructure. It's almost like that Netherlands! The paths wind around buildings and are separated from car traffic.

I happened upon a cheerleading practice on my way through campus.
UCSB cheerleader competition
Student housing includes a HUGE amount of bicycle parking.
It's pretty awesome. The racks are empty, waiting for the new students to arrive.

Plentiful bike parking for students
A few kilometers further down an ugly road, there is a golf club with a commemorative plaque on a rock. It's just inside the gates and they are very obliging and let anyone in to photograph it. 

Japanese attack memorial
Then it is one more kilometer to the beach where the attack occurred. There is another commemorative sign near the beach... and the view is quite nice.

View where the submarine emerged
I couldn't get my bicycle too close to the sign because of prickly bushes, but I think this shot with the odd bits of industrial waste is interesting enough.

Japanese Attack Plaque
The ride back was lovely. I took the Foothill route on Cathedral Oaks, a nice hilly ride where I managed (on a downhill) to speed up to 48kph!!!! I've never gone that fast before but I was too tired and sunbeaten to panic. :)


  1. Hey, nieuwe fiets!
    A road bike with rim brakes - looks like you're adapting to new surroundings =)
    I like that "Dutch touch" you've added.

    To leave an ice cream ad in the (almost) desert with no kiosk to buy from is very cruel.

    That's some impressive infrastructure there.

    Enjoy the downhill sections. No need to wear out the brake pads and rims.

    1. It is a new bike... my dream bike! I've only put about 120k on it so far. It's a lovely lightweight steel frame (SOMA- San Francisco company) built up with mountain gearing so I can spin up mountain and easily maintain my usual speed of 20-25kph on flats.

      No fenders!!

      But yes, I did put a 'dutch' front rack on it. I can carry my large camera and use it without dismounting! I'm very happy so far.

      I'm learning to enjoy the downhills. :)