Sunday, August 25, 2013

Secure parking...

Someone took the time and effort to remove their front wheel and seat post, to securely lock them along with the frame and back wheel to a street pole. I noticed it because most people aren't that careful.

Bike parking on Bath

On closer inspection, the cable in use is so flimsy I could probably bite through it, and the padlock is easily breakable.

Flimsy stupid lock
On an even closer inspection, it's clear that the cable doesn't wrap the back wheel or the frame.

Therefore, a thief might:
1) Bite the cable or bash the lock (preference), and then reassemble the bike in a few seconds.
2) Steal just the back wheel.
3) Bend the front wheel into a shape that pops through the frame and have a bike missing only a front wheel and seat post.

I'd never have noticed if the bicycle were locked without the effort at "extra safety."

Still paranoid after all these years

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