Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pacific Coast Route

I live on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. Many bicycle tourists come through Santa Barbara on this route, even right up the street where I live (south to north travelers).

Pacific coast bicycle route

I love seeing bicycle tourists and have hosted two so far through warm showers (on hiatus until my puppy dog is over his "fear period" of strange bearded men). It's fun see those going past and to guess their origin and/or nationality. Flags on the back of the bicycle are very helpful for that. :)

One day, someday... 


  1. Hello,

    I clicked on the link for Pac Coast Bike Route but the website doesn't really give you a description of the route if it's a segregated route or will you be riding on a highway alongside vehicles going 65 miles an hour. I would assume part of the route is probably segregated but how much of it is not? I would love to do some touring but the cars scare me.

    1. Most of the route in my area (Santa Barbara to San Fran) is on old highway 1, alongside fast moving cars. It's scary... but lots of people do it!