Sunday, June 2, 2013

No shooting...

Today, I attempted to climb the Gibraltar road route... I started from my house and made it to the "No Shooting" hairpin turn, about 9 miles (14.4 k), and 1900 feet (580 meters) uphill. I used my easiest granny gear for most of the last 5 miles.

This means - I made it halfway!
The easy half!

I could have kept going but it was so foggy that I could hear trucks, but not see them until they were very close. An excellent excuse to turn around. :)


Can anyone explain to me why there are permanent "No Shooting" signs at this turn?
Are people really so anti-social that they go around shooting off guns in public spaces unless there is a sign?


  1. Hey Alicia
    well done. There are no ascends like that around here. In the low mountain ranges it's a series of short ascends and decents.
    When I saw the sign in the picture I was hoping for an explanation in your text...
    doesn't that sign taunt people? Does it even have bullet marks? Did you see Bugs Bunny nearby? Did you shoot a picture there? All that may add up to an episode of Twilight Zone.
    Is that an orange in your bottle holder? =) Well, why wouldn't it, it's nature's oj bottle. Go California.
    Now I've noticed you've installed a front pannier rack. Are there any special bags or crates you use with that?

    1. Hi Benedikt! I noticed more "no shooting" signs today (last week I was in a fugue state or something). A few of them were from the Fire Department- they are concerned that shooting a gun could start a fire, not that shooting a gun could hurt someone. Crazy!
      I did take an orange in my water bottle holder. :)
      I put on a rack hoping to get square front bag, but I haven't done that yet... the rack is superfluous. I'll probably take it off again although a crate could be a good idea!
      It's been hard to figure out what to do with this bike. It weighs a ton but I love the stability and disc brakes. I'm certainly not going to ride up a mountain with bags on it, but I'd like to bring a nice camera.