Monday, June 24, 2013

Coffee holders

In the land of large coffees!

Coffee cup holder

These coffee cup holders are very popular in Santa Barbara. I was excited to see something new but then realized they are probably rather ordinary for Californians... Many companies design and sell them.  This is very different than the Netherlands where most people don't walk around (or bike around) carrying giant cups of warm to lukewarm liquid. Don't get me wrong, the Dutch love coffee, (koffie) but they drink it hot, in small servings, while seated or socially, like civilized people. None of this 16 oz. sloshing stuff. 


  1. hee hee.I thinks 'Friends' has a lot to answer for!!!



  2. A bicycle cup holder. I hadn't thought of that. I don't think I would take a big gulp of coffee or whatever on a ride, but it's nice to see another nuance of bicycle culture.
    And at least a mug of coffee is *legal* doping.

    I suppose when you go for a picnic that may be useful. Or you could put an orange in there.

    1. Heh, true. An orange would fit very well! :)