Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fender repurposing

Why do I need fenders? It hardly rains in Southern California.
What if... it never know...
Somehow it always seems better to always be prepared, like a Londoner with an umbrella. Forethought. Habit. Forgone conclusion.

But this is California! It barely rains! I've been rained upon exactly once, and it was barely a sprinkle, like a dutch sunny day.

So first step-  I took the front mud guard fender off my touring bike because it kept getting in the way of locking up to the stupidly designed public parking "poles." I like to thread my U-lock through the wheel and frame and those little eyelet thingys are not very easy to use. It's a real challenge if there's already one bicycle locked up.

A fun puzzle every time I try to park.
Santa Barbara bicycle racks

My koga-miyata flew with me to Iowa over the holidays and has since been shipped here. When it was reassembled, I discovered that the front fender was cracked. It was removed and I thought about ordering a new set... but then it never seemed critical. It barely rains!

So what do I do with my fenders now? The ones I removed were put away, behind the couch, which turned out to be a stupidly insecure location.


He's was quite happy to discover them.
I had to take away the cracked Koga fender because the mud flap plastic is flimsy and could be torn and swallowed. Not good for puppies.

However, the MudX guard is a good kind of plastic for puppy chewing, it doesn't break into shards and it's very tough.


And I if I ever need it again, it should still work, with a nicely textured edging.

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  1. Off topic, but congratulations on your three-page spread in the April issue of Vogelvrije Fietser. I didn't quite understand the bit about leeks, though.