Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bike valet

I'm volunteering as a bike valet again! The local bicycle organization, BiciCentro, sets up bike valet areas at events in Santa Barbara. I did a shift yesterday at the Earth Day event.  The bike valet service was very popular (who drives to an earth day event???)- with lovely weather, nice people, lots of bicycles.  I was too busy to take photos!

(I went back on Sunday and took a picture - below)

In the past, I did bike valet stuff in Brooklyn (Transportation Alternatives) before I moved to the Netherlands, so I was familiar with the routine. I had volunteered at Prospect Park for concerts... it could get very full or be quiet, but bike valeting is always fun and a great way to see and touch lots of cool bicycles! :)

Sometimes there would be weird requests (Brooklyn, not California), like parking a bbq or bottle of almond oil (no glass allowed into concert venue). Everyone was always grateful; bicycle parking can be difficult and fear of theft is a huge deterent to cycling to events.

Brooklyn photos 2009:

Bike valet parking

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