Monday, March 11, 2013

Used Bicycles - Leiden Map

Dear Leideners,

When I was living in Leiden, I made a public google map of the local used bicycle shops (+ Bikelane because they rock). I did it to keep the hours straight... Why are the hours so irregular?!
Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep it up-to-date remotely although I'll keep it open and public. 
I had one collaborator and I'd like to offer full collaboration to anyone who is interested in updating it. It's had just over 50,000 views so far because I think it's been useful to a lot of the newcomers in Leiden.
Send me an email if you are interested or leave a comment.



  1. Hi, I've just moved to Leiden with my Brompton (also a red one!). How did you lock yours? I'm a bit paranoid leaving it.

    1. Hello! That's nice! :)
      I rarely locked mine up outside. If I did, I would lock it to something with a long chain lock through the back triangle and a wheel... but not for more than an hour.

      The Jumbo supermarket near the train station has two poles near the entrance, I'd use one of those (they aren't really for bikes).

    2. Hi thanks yr reply. So the key thing is to lock it to something fixed. (Sometimes I fold it and put in the supermarket trolley and take it round with me. I get some funny looks!) Cycling is really great here in NL even though it is still snowing today. Brrr. Thanks for yr interesting blog. I am also trying to find a backpack I can put my Brompton inside. Any ideas? Thanks, Monty