Friday, March 15, 2013

California Register of Big Trees

There's one in Santa Barbara

Moreton Bay Fig Tree

For more information about this big ficus tree you can read about it on wikipedia.


  1. Wow, thanks for the picture. That's one impressive Vijgenboom. They could use it in some fantasy movie. It's really enormous, all twirly and knobby.
    I wonder what 'knobby' means in Dutch, that's not a word you use everyday =)
    Also, it is a bike repellent tree. Nobody could run over those roots. But it is a great sight, I like to read your California reports.
    Btw do you still ride without a helmet? Do other cyclists (I don't mean the sporty riders) tend to wear a helmet? Do you often see people using bikes for transport?

  2. Hi Benedikt,
    I thought of you when I saw the tree listed in Santa Barbara. :) It is a really nice tree, great shade, tour buses go past it.
    I wear a helmet if I think I'll be going up/down a mountain. Anytime I'm moving over 20kph, I feel better wearing one... Otherwise, for just running errands, I do not wear it. The non-sporty cyclists are about 50/50 for wearing helmets. Some do, some don't. There aren't too many transport cyclists, or touring cyclists but I've seen a few. They are usually on the paths during rush hour on the way to or from work.
    There are tons of "leisure" cyclists on heavy cruisers or stupid fixies, but they tend to stay near the beach or other places where they see and be seen.