Saturday, March 16, 2013

Best shopping cart ever

All of the supermarkets in town (trader joe's, whole foods, ralph's) have huge wide aisles for people to push huge wide shopping carts, or massive double strollers through...  so they can fill the backs of their gigantic vehicles parked outside in the enormous parking lot.

Things in California are big.

Brompton as shopping cart

The nice side effect of this super-sizing is that I can roll-up, fold-up and shop without any problems at all. AND even if someone were to complain (not one yet! -usually I get questions and comments about how it is the coolest thing they've ever seen), I could just pop the bike into a freaking huge shopping cart provided by the store and still have room for shopping.

I'm really surprised that Bromptons are not more popular out here. They are perfect for around town. A few more knowledgeable people have asked me "is that the english bike?" and mentioned they've heard of, or own Fridays, but not the Brompton. Strange!

The best part is that most of the stores are uphill from our street.
A full basket is a breeze on the way home. :)


  1. do you ride your Bromie more than your regular sized bike now that you're in Sta Barbara ?

  2. I ride more bromie more than I did in the Netherlands, but I'm 50/50 overall with the regular bike. I like the brompton for early morning trips to the gym (yay, dynamo hub) and purposeful shopping trips, but I hate parking it outside. I take my larger bicycle for longer trips or if I'm going up and down big hills- and I feel it's safer to park my regular bike outside. I don't know if that's really true, just feels that way.

  3. Hello Alicia,

    I've enjoyed reading your blog since your Leiden days.

    A fellow Brompton owner here, in Norman, OK. I also tend to take my regular hybrid whenever I know I must park outside of my destination. It hasn't happened often, however. I never carry a lock for the Brompton, so it _has_ to stay with me. I take into my bank, to the dentist, when I visit my employer's HR dept., etc. As you say, mainly interested comments, all positive to date. My nearest grocery is so close, it's not worth even biking there, but I'll have to give it a go sometime.


    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for the message! :)
      While I do leave my brompton outside at the gym, I remove the seat post and saddle. The parking rack is in direct view of the front desk so I think it's okay... I'd take it in if it fit in a locker.
      Yes, try shopping with it! I find the basket size a good limit to keeping me from buying too much stuff. (I like shopping several times a week or even everyday.)

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