Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alternative California bikestyles

I parked next to a furry.

Parked next to a furrie bike


  1. That looks funny. Ride the bison =) I wonder what the owner dresses like. Does it have an owner? Does it roam freely?
    I suppose my bike could use a furry coat right now. Can you belive this?
    Even near the coast it's hardly any warmer:
    If ever there was a winter to be avoided it's this one. Well done Alicia =)

    1. Yikes... it's still cold even now. It rained yesterday in Santa Barbara- the rest of the week will be 18-22 degrees with sun.

      I'll try and meet some of the eccentric bicycle owners- maybe I can do some interviews! There's an "event" here once a month where you are supposed to meet up on a bicycle and wear costumes, then ride about 5k making loud noises, then drink at a bar- like a normal thursday night in Leiden. I'll see if I can get some good photos this month.