Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mountains, sun, ocean...

I'm in California!

Two bicycles are operational. :)

My brompton survived the giant suitcase. On my first morning, I took it to the end of a pier for the sunrise. It was a foggy day. (That smear of orange is the rising sun.)

The kona has been put together again after it's sea freight ordeal. The front disc rotor was badly knocked askew but luckily the mechanics at Velopro are friendly, fast and efficient.

This morning, I took the bicycle for a ride up to the Gibraltar road route intending to see how far I could go.
I made it to the start of the route... and that's how far I could go. HA!

There be mountains here!! I was panting in granny gear a few times to make it to the beginning of Gibraltar. A nice lady on her way to meet friends was very encouraging and urged me along. I forgot to bring water and I was wearing too much for the sun and heat. I'm just happy I made it to the start of the road, a paltry 5k from my apartment.

(A friendly passing cyclist took this photo for me)
Gibraltar Road 

This is going to be a fun breaking in period for my legs and spirit. 


  1. Hey Alicia,
    you seem happy in the sun. When I was riding today there was rain and some hail and then some snow. Yes, still winter.
    You were very ambitious, that looks like a remarkable climb
    I would have trouble going up there. I never realized those mountains were so close to the coast,_California#Geography
    Yes there's quite some work ahead of you. Always remember you get to roll down what you climb up. And isn't California the home of the training montage?

    Patience have you must.

    1. Thanks for the link! It is a challenging route. I was naive in thinking I could try it right away. The wind in the Netherlands has conditioned me (mentally) for smaller challenges but I think anything over a 7% grade is going to take more time and practice.

  2. i think its fantastic that you are still "cycling" albeit with a helmet. Wish you luck and i will huff and puff to send some tailwinds your way :) We don't need hills here, it was blowing 50kmph last week in Rotterdam.

    1. Yikes! That's a lot of wind. I managed to go up a mild climb yesterday- I think the wind from NL really does help with conditioning... and it never stops, unlike a climb which results in a glorious downhill.

  3. Welcome back to the states! I'm glad both bikes made the journey successfully, if only with a little repairable damage.

    1. Thanks! So, Will- Apparently, no one here has ever seen a brompton before... I caused a ruckus at Trader Joes by using it as a shopping cart. Strangers were coming up and asking me about it. On the street, one man started shouting to his wife, "honey, did you see that??? It's a folding bike!"
      They are so common in the Netherlands! What's it like up in Portland?