Sunday, February 10, 2013

California in a week

It's been one week.
So far I have;
eaten fresh avacado everyday,
watched the sunrise on the ocean,
worn spf 70 sunscreen,  
joined the ymca and visited the swimming pool three times,
taken a "gentle yoga" class that I'm still sore from,
emptied a storage pod full of boxes, 
opened and emptied at least thirty boxes (many still remain),
considered purchasing a racing bicycle for uphill ease, 
visited three different area bicycle shops,
cycled up a mountain on my heavy tourer (technically a hill, but to me it's a mountain) 
felt grateful for my super awesome disc brakes on the steep downhills,  
rejected the idea of buying a racing bicycle (for now),
purchased a hundred dollar, heavy as hell, kryptonite chain lock,
bought a helmet (in town downhills over 40kph, crappy car drivers, potholes, etc.),
resisted using the helmet so far,
watched a hipster with a broken foot ride a skateboard with a crutch in one hand and  a starbucks coffee in the other hand,
visited the local animal shelter (pitbulls and chiuauaus),
grown used to and no longer impressed by citrus trees,
discovered that In&Out Burger is not good despite what everyone says,
seen exactly one hummingbird in the garden section of a store selling hummingbird feeders,
purchased and installed a hummingbird feeder,
enjoyed "mexican" coffee with chocolate and cinnamon, 
joined the local bicycle coalition,
used my brompton three times as the best shopping cart ever, 
been trapped in a gated community because my bicycle didn't set off the gate opener,
deliberately run a red light because my bicycle didn't set off the traffic light cycle,
complained about the lousy infrastructure at least 10 times,
and today I'm resting.

Ha ha, not really. There's so much left to do. 


  1. You've been busy! Have you been home enough to see if your feeder is being visited?

    1. I have spent a lot of time on our new used horrible mint green couch with a view of the feeder, but no bird sighting yet. :(
      We need your help on room design! This place looks mental. I'm sort of counting on the new dog to destroy everything so we can start again. (No new dog yet, March!)

    2. I'd be happy to help - even from over here! Just let me know when you need some suggestions :) I've just redone Erik's downstairs - it looks fantastic. I get a lot out of it too so yay for that.

      Regarding yoru feeder, I used to hange a few types by my window - seeds, the humming bird variety, and also a block of this lardy stuff with nuts pressed into it. You might enjoy a variety of birds stopping in, and I noticed that woodpeckers love the lard block :)

    3. PS Crikey it's hard to post comments here :P

  2. Please don't buy a racing bicycle - no good for city riding hunched over, even in hilly areas. You should be able to find a lighter bicycle with more speeds, perhaps even second-hand?

    I hope you find a nice, non-destructive dog. Nothing but pitbulls and chihuahas??? Nippy or yippy.

    1. I have a nice bicycle with many speeds. I'm just out of shape and fantasize that the bicycle will make the difference. Don't worry, I do know better. :)