Saturday, January 26, 2013

One week until California!

One week until Califonia
My last Saturday in Leiden...

Next Saturday!


  1. Hi Alicia. I've enjoyed reading your view of cycling in the Netherlands these last few years.I hope you keep blogging in California. Hopefully you will be allowed to still get around without a helmet.

    Happy moving,


    1. Hi Ian, Thank you! I hope so too...

  2. So have I - good luck. It'll be interesting to see how California compares (in terms of cycling)!

    Cambridge UK

    1. Hills! I think it will be fun. Thank you! :)

  3. Hey Alicia,
    isn't cold and dark the right winter experience? I think subtropical weather is overrated...
    How many bikes are you shipping? I see you're taking the Brompton and the Kona.
    I think you should take along a box of bike bells. In my experience Americans find bike bells very amusing.
    Is the Brompton in a Brompton case, or did you find some other case that fits?
    Well, if it fit in your hand luggage you could cycle down the aisles =)
    Anyway, I hope things will go as planned.
    And I will soon be reading about lycra-less cycling in California.
    Veel geluk und guten Flug!

    1. I shipped the Kona via sea freight in a giant box, only taking the front wheel off. It arrived a few days ago- My vintage Koga-miyata was fully disassembled and I took it in a smaller box on a flight over christmas to Iowa. From there, it is being shipped to California... and I hope to find a good mechanic to help me put it back together again!
      I have a large suitcase that just fits the Brompton. It's not a special suitcase or specially made for the Brompton. Once inside, the whole thing is just under the weight limit. I'm paying for it as a second bag, rather than as a bicycle (56 euros vs. 100 euros).
      Thanks for the wishes! Cycling without lycra indeed. :)

    2. Ah, that's interesting. So the American Kona has sailed back home. Must have been a strange feeling, thinking of your bike going over the Atlantic somewhere.
      I would like to see pictures of your Koga-Miyata jigsaw puzzle. In various degrees of assembledness.