Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fiets tunnels

Tunnel madness Friday!

First, I took the Maastunnel and cycled around through Pernis and back to Schiedam using the Benelux fiets tunnel.  Fun!

(This wasn't planned- I'd heard of the tunnels from BicycleDutch posts, so when I cycled past one on my way somewhere else, I decided to have a go. )

View from the southbank toward the north entrance (and euromast) across the water.

I cycled under that!

Here are some great posts about these tunnels and their history from BicycleDutch:
(Includes a translation of the poetry that adorns the walls)
(Long history!)


But be sure to follow the rules!


  1. Heh, I did that exact loop at one point (planned, though) - it probably also took you across another weird piece of infrastructure: the bridge with the seemingly pointless escalators on both sides at Pernis. Also, if you like these tunnels, the motorway tunnel at Heinenoord also has a bike tube.

  2. hehey! thanks for the traffic!
    So which one did you like best? I think my fav is Maastunnel... the other one is too new ;-)

    1. Thanks for the articles! The Maastunnel is better! And was more heavily used, I think.

  3. Yes, I like that.
    A bring you're own wheels and seat subway.
    Without the whiff of hot air I suppose.
    They're so clean and bright, very friendly non-threatening tunnels.
    Are the tunnel tubes even? Or do you ride down and up again?

    1. From what I remember when I lived in Rotterdam - a long time ago - in the Maastunnel the tunnels went down very slightly and up again but no gearchanges required :-). Don't forget the Maastunnel is right in the centre of Rotterdam, next to "havens" (Häfen) for seagoing vessels on both sides of the river so it had to be laid deep enough to allow ships to pass overhead.

    2. There is a height difference of several meters. When you stand at one side you can't see the other side.
      Compared to the Erasmusbrug it's nothing :)

    3. I didn't change gears! Nice and smooth.