Monday, October 29, 2012

Seatbelts on the trains

For bicycles!!

Tonight, I caught one of the new trains.  I sat in the voorang fiets area even though I had my folding bicycle and could sit anywhere. (It was before full sized bicycles would be allowed on the car.)

After a few minutes, I noticed a seat belt that could go across the three seats.

My reaction was to get up and needlessly strap my bicycle into the area.

 Seatbelts for bicycles


Then I got over it and sat back down with the bicycle between my feet.


  1. And you even had a choice of two anchor points (or whatever those receptacles might be called). The bin on the left contains helmets to be donned in case of impending collisions?

  2. That was a really great idea! I bet you never had a hard time traveling. It's good that those seat belts are long enough to extend. It adds so much to its versatility.