Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday bicycle related chores

Yesterday, I bought and attempted to install the final bits and pieces for my touring bicycle including a back light and a good O-lock.

I bought everything from Halfords, a dutch chain store with excellent stock for all vehicles; cars and bicycles.

For a rack back light, there are many options, including a light that turns on automatically when it is dark, or one that will flash at the push of a remote button to help locate your bicycle. I choose the simple one with a shape that will allow me to slip the pannier hooks under it.

The O-lock was not so simple.

My touring bicycle does not have back brake bosses so the lock must be attached to the seat stays with the provided slips of sharp aluminum. The instructions for installation are miniaturized to the point of incomprehensibility. I had to choose Optie B.

The warning "Attention, strips might be sharp" is understatement.

I couldn't get it on tight enough and my fingers are all sliced to hell so I gave up... I will pay someone wearing gloves to install it for me.
The warning should read "DANGER! Strips are sharp razor blades designed to slice your fingers."


  1. As my sisters used to say: this is why men were invented ...

  2. I had a similar experience installing that lock on my Raleigh Sports - it took me hours to get those straps to work properly, and my fingers were extremely sore afterwards. I like that lock better than the ABus one I have now, but the ABus was about 5000 times easier to install.

    1. :) I haven't put it on yet... I'm using an old U-lock instead.
      I really need to go back to the shop.

    2. I know on the WorkCycles bikes, because they know the frame tubing is strong enough to handle it, they actually drill small holes in the seat stays and screw the lock in place :)