Saturday, September 29, 2012

De eerlijke brommer

Brom and snorfiets are motorised scooters which are allowed to ride on the bicycle paths so long as they do not exceed a certain speed (25km? ).

Of course, they all exceed it regularly.

This is normal. They also tend to push ahead at lights and jockey for position at the front of the line so they can speed freely as soon as the light turns green.
This means they are spewing fumes (and noise) all over the cyclists behind them.

Whenever I stop for a red and there is a scooter rider present, I try to pull up next to them, not behind them. For other cyclists, I will wait behind in order of arrival  at the light.

 I know it's probably irrational to be upset about a scooter's exhaust when the cars are only a few feet away... but it's hard not to find them annoying.  I noticed the sticker recently and love it! I appears to be part of a campaign for change.


  1. Not irrational. A car's exhaust fumes are squeaky clean compared to the muck exhaled by scooters. And it's time they were all banned from cycle paths.

  2. scooter/moped (2 stroke) fumes contain more toxic particles than large diesel trucks.

  3. Yuck, really?! Then they are being incredibly rude when they pull ahead and point their exhausts at all the cyclists behind.

  4. Yes, 2-stroke engines are worse because they burn the oil that lubricates the engine. You mix the gasoline and oil together when you fill up the tank, as opposed to a 4-stroke engine in a car where the oil is separate and changed out as it accumulates dirt and grime. A 2-stroke engine just burns through it every time it runs.

    1. And to complicate matters, these small engines don't have a catalytic converter in their exhausts like cars do, so whatever is blown out of their tailpipes is also unfiltered.

  5. On my recumbent bike I'm just as fast as mopeds, but when I'm riding behind one I always hold back as I can barely breathe anymore.

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