Monday, September 24, 2012

Dam tot Dam Fietsclassic 2012, or, what a difference the weather makes!

Not despite, but perhaps, because of the horrible weather last year, I signed up again!  No matter what happened, I knew it could not be as bad as 2011... but wore my trusty raincoat just in case.
I'm not crazy.

Same jacket, same shoes, same skirt. Less baggage. Less rain. Same amount of wind.

Dam tot Dam 2012

Dam tot Dam 2011


  1. You look really good!

  2. No such thing as bad weather, just a question of choosing the right clothes... ;-)

  3. jammer I must have missed you at the starting grid. The kona-sutra (giggle) looks resplendent.

    1. just came across this work with a 4*5 camera, you might find it interesting:

    2. Beautiful!!! thank you for the link. We really should get together sometime. :)

  4. Hey Alicia,

    that looks like good fun.
    Apparently you've been to every place in the Koninkrijk and now you're starting over.
    Raincoat + sunglasses = cycle chic
    You wore the same pair of shoes last time in the rain? At first I thought that would be unpleasant. But then I realized the ingenuity: those shoes can hardly hold any water. On two occasions I was cycling with my shoes brimmed with rain, a peculiar experience...
    Also, the shoes match your handlebar tape - nice.

    1. They are tight leather shoes, worn without socks (my feet do not get cold easily)- I condition the leather regularly with all my shoes so they tend to last a long time... just like my brooks saddles. It's a relaxing thing to do. :)
      I wore canvas all-stars with socks last week in the rain and that was really unpleasant.
      I have a few places left to go!
      Any to suggest?

    2. Yes, i like my shoes well kept and shiny too. But my plush saddle has no organic parts. Won't a leather saddle bleed dye when it gets wet? My father's does.
      I don't know much about the Netherlands, one reason why i like this blog. So i don't have first hand suggestions. Still i do have some suggestions.
      Have you seen the lowest place of NL? It seems there's an argument whether it's Prins-Alexander-Polder or Nieuwkerk a. d. Yssel. I say pour out a bucket of water and see which way the water runs, there's the easiest way.
      Or you could visit the biggest tree in Middelburg:
      or the Het Loo Paleis
      or draw a numerical grid on a map and roll the dice.