Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cycling in the rain

You can take precautions, check the live forecast, hide under a bridge...
but, sometimes, you will just get wet.

School group hiding under bridge
Totally wet and heading into the wind
As the Dutch say, We are not made of sugar. We zijn niet van suiker


  1. Hey Alicia,

    that's the spirit.
    There's no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.
    Did you know there is a song that's pretty much a soundtrack to this blog post?
    check out track 7
    [no commercial here, just information]

    I like how the turbine is lurking out from the haze behind you. Did you aim for that to be in the picture?

    Have a sunny sunday!

    1. Cool, thanks! I took many photos of myself and one came out by chance with a semi-okay expression and the windturbine. It was a good excuse to hide under some trees for cover.
      So- the mud flap instead of a fender. Doesn't work so well in heavy rain. Also, I had it badly positioned. I have shifted it down the frame and hope that will help! I really like the schwalbe marathon plus tires but they just won't fit with a full front fender. :(

    2. I am still puzzled your fender doesn't fit anymore, Marathons aren't excessively wide for a touring bike that is supposed to carry some weight. You should point out that little design flaw to the Kona people. Which of course is no immediate solution.
      If that "deflector shield" isn't long enough you could attach a rubber mud flap to that.
      Have you asked a mechanic? Even if the original fender and/or stays don't fit, someone in the Netherlands should be able to macgyver some fender onto there, I think. The Dutch know how to set bounds to the water.
      And now for something completely different: Regarding the bikes and the bees [I take it you've recovered from your last bee encounter], take a look at this:
      passers-by called the police for help and the police called a beekeeper for help, no man or animal was harmed

  2. Looks pretty familiar :)