Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cycling appropriate attire - Pedals! Not Shoes!

A little while ago, I posted about looking for a shoe solution for some foot fatigue I experienced after about 20k of solid riding. Several friends and commenters suggested that shoes were not the problem, instead, it was my pedals. I can confirm that they were correct!

Now, I have super grippy pedals on my bicycles and I can ride forever in any footwear (or weather) without pain or fatigue. And after only a few incidents of shin puncturing, I am conditioned to avoid the spikes.

The dorky cycling sandals were sold on markplaats.nl.

Awesome pedals- These were second-hand, I don't know the brand.
(Why are they so dirty? Argh. I'm too lazy to clean them and take another photo.)

This is the Kona Wah-wah pedal, very slim and cool. Slightly more clean.

No, they aren't mismatching and then photoshop-reversed from one bicycle. I have a new touring bicycle... no surprise, because who can borrow a purpose-built touring bicycle and then not desperately covet something similar? Not me. I will write more about it soon. I've ridden 860k on it so far, need at least 1000km for a proper review. :)

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