Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend in Zeeland

Time is going by so quickly this summer!

I forgot to post anything about a nice trip last weekend in Zeelandic Flanders.

It's a beautiful area, easy to reach via the Vlissingen to Breskens ferry. Once across the water,  Bruges, Belgium is only 25k away, but you can also spend days on perfect bicycle paths all around the Dutch province. There's a nice coast line, quaint towns and great seafood.

Also, an ostrich farm!

The farm is located between Sluis and Aardenburg, two very lovely cities.

I went on a Friday and expected to meet with friends on Saturday for camping. This means I was carrying all my camping equipment. This does not mean I went camping on Friday.

No, I saw rain in the forecast and chickened out (bird theme). Without peer pressure, I'm a total wimp and will bow to my stupid and crippling fear of wet-tent. The purpose of my admission, though, is to mention the niceness of Hotel Brasseries in southern Netherlands. Almost every quaint little town will have a bar/restaurant and it's likely that the establishment also has a few rooms as a hotel. The prices are low-ish, the service is great and the rooms can be luxurious. I found one last-minute, with a self-serve coffee machine that I could use for my habitual 6am wake-up when I'm up and banging around before the owners, other guests, farm animals and all other living beings.

The Hotel had a bicycle parking, of course! And the other group of guests were on a bicycle excursion too (but carrying less gear). 

Early morning coffee and catching the morning rainbow after a passing shower!

Rainbow in Aardenburg

Life is good.

On Saturday, I camped and got the dreaded wet-tent, but somehow with friends it's just not so bad.

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