Friday, August 10, 2012

Peacock in the bikelane!


  1. Yes a peacock. Something else that caught my eye are two (fake? stuffed?) goats on a tree (stub?). Apparently you're used to that sight, since you didn't even mention that =)
    I however would love an explanation for that. Do you have any idea what that's all about?

    Btw I love this blog. I always like to learn about our neighbours' wondrous ways (bikepaths ;-).
    Viele Grüße aus Niedersachsen

    1. Hi Benedikt,
      Those are fake goats, advertising the entrance to my favorite goat farm, 't Geertje,

      It's about 10k from where I live. On the day I took the photo, I went past it only stopping because of the peacock.

  2. Hello Alicia,

    thank you, that is a rational and reassuring explanation. Of course I'd read about Dutch bicycle trees, but the goat tree took me by surprise.
    I assume that it's the lack of mountains that makes the nederlanders put things in high places =)
    Talking about trees, I have recently come across this:

    Maybe you'll find some interesting destinations there.
    Tot ziens