Monday, August 13, 2012

Brake failure


I shamefully neglect of my outside bicycle... I didn't fix it up when the weather got better like I intended. The brakes have been sticking for months but I haven't done anything except squeeze the levers until they softened up again. (The back brake stopped working entirely last week.) The fortunate side-effect is that on the outdoor bike, I ride extra slowly and cautiously... and not far. Therefore, when the cable finally snapped, I was on my way home and I wasn't out of control. Yay.

I made it to the grocery store, bought lunch and cycled the remaining 200 meters home. Brakes are for sissies.

Just kidding. The front brake is fixed now!

Anyone want a neglected outdoor bicycle? No lights, wonky fender, working front brake.


  1. That's why I prefer coaster and stamp brakes... got both on my 1979 Gazelle Populair. She's my daily commuter and feels great :).

  2. That's smart! Yeah, if i'm going to have an outdoor bicycle then I should get one that's more appropriate...

  3. I'm glad you're alright in spite of the brake failure!

    And I'll take a neglected outdoor bike, so long as you can ship it to Oregon. :) That's a cool looking Batavus!

    1. It was a nice bicycle until I left it outside all year. I'll look into shipping! :)