Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bicycle Camping Dragon Edition

Last Friday, I planned a bicycle overnight trip with a dragon theme for my boyfriend... He doesn't love cycling as much as I do but can be enticed by the lure of beer and/or dragons. We did about 65k in total for a day and a half, saw three dragons and had beers at one brewery. Success!

Where can you see dragons in the Netherlands?

Den Bosch and Efteling!

On Friday morning, we took the train to Tilburg, and cycled to our campsite on the border of the Loonse en Drunense Duinen national park. After setting up our tent and stashing our bags, we cycled through the beautiful park, about 10k to the Efteling.

Special entrance and bicycle parking at the Efteling.
Bicycle parking at De Efteling
Saint George and the Dragon roller coaster.
The dragon

Sprookjebos includes another bonus dragon (seen here menacing dutch children).
Another dragon!
After hours of park rides, junk food, and awe in the park (they have singing mushrooms and dyed pink pigeons, a floating pagoda, madness... everyone should visit!) we cycled back to camp.

Python RollerCoasterEfteling
They dyed the pigeons pinkTripping on a singing mushroomSprookjebos

The campsite was a typical dutch campsite, huge lots on a lawn plot big enough for trailers and portico tents. Many dutch families will buy or hire a trailer for the summer, drive it to a campsite and park for over a week at a time. I called ahead to see if they had any spots free and they did. We took Number 3, which had a huge patch of dirt from a longstanding trailer, and some grass skirting the patch. We pitched tent in the grass taking up less than a quarter of the allottment.

In the center of the campsite they had toys, a playground, a trampoline, etc. Nice for parents! :) Also, a mini-farm with friendly animals. Nice for me!

In the morning, I woke up before everyone as usual. I was even up before the mini-farm pig. Once the pig got up, I went inside his yard and tried to hug all the adorableness with my shadow.

Morning with cute animals

Later in the morning (8:20am), a delivery baker drove in and parked. Parents stood in line or sent their kids to go buy breakfast croissants. Very cute.

Campsite baker delivery
We packed up and reached the driveway before I discovered a flat tire.  20 minutes and one tube replacement later, we were ready to roll to Den Bosch! Yay, basic competency in bicycle repair!

We took a long route through the Loonse Duinen park and then along a pretty canal into Den Bosch. Next to the train station is a beautiful golden dragon fountain (and a little further from there is a stadbrouwerij). Fun trip! 
Drakenfontein Den Bosch

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip!
    The building activities behind the Den Bosch dragon were for the 'Welcome home' festivities for the Dutch Olympic athletes.