Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ready, set, go!

I'm going on a cycling camping trip through the Maastricht area and south in the hilly Belgium Ardennes! I'm joining friends on the first leg of their longer tour to France...  I hope to visit Achouffe and hug a gnome, but I will settle for drinking beer on a hilltop. I've been to the area before so I think know what to expect (!).

My planning for this trip included:

1) Find, buy, steal, borrow a bicycle with appropriate gearing. Granny gear is verplicht!
2) Acquire and pack cooking equipment, including solution for early morning coffee. Verplicht!
3) Be prepared on the route back from the Achouffe area for solo overnights. (100km on hills in one day? Ha ha ha. Maybe.)
4) Buy maps and choose interesting places to visit on the way home. Spa, Belgium anyone?                 

And already a lesson for next time: must learn to pack lighter... Why do I have so much stuff???


  1. Have fun Alicia! I am looking forward to photographs (you chasing gnomes in rustic places).
    That gear has me thinking you have packed your 6x4 camera along :)

    1. Ha ha! I weighed all my bags when I got home, it was only 24 kilos of stuff but felt like double that. Turns out it's not a lot of fun to ride with that much stuff up a giant hill in the rain! I'm going to concentrate on shorter trips and sunnier regions from now on. :)

  2. On the crow's flight route from Achouffe to Leiden, there's always eccentric Baerle-Nassau.

  3. Your packing job looks pretty compact to me - you still had room for two more bags over the front wheel!