Monday, July 2, 2012

Radio Kootwijk

The Radio Kootwijk is located in the Veluwe, just north of the Hoge Veluwe park. It's an amazing building, looming in a scrubby sand-swept landscape.

We went for one overnight at the nearest Natuurkampterrein, in Kootwijk. The trekkersveld was rather full, but that is to be expected when the weather is nice.

There are smooth cycle paths all around through the hills in the area and many other attractions to visit. It's fantastic, definitely worth a bicycle trip!

(And for after the cycle trip, according to wikipedia, one named film has been filmed at the building- Mindhunters. Tip: If you can sit through the first appallingly clichéd 20 minutes, you can see the building. After the scene inside with the "smart" guy solving a Rubiks cube, I don't know what happens because I couldn't watch any more.)


  1. This exceptional location was also used in some video clips. By a Dutch rock band in which you can see the building from the inside and towards the end also pretty well from the outside. And in a completely different genre by Dutch singers Nick & Simon.

  2. okay... I mixed up the links... sorry about that!

    1. Ha ha, it doesn't matter. I"m loving them both! Thank you. :)

  3. Picture gallery from their website:!/zendgebouw-kootwijk/fotogalerie-zendgebouw-kootwijk.html

    As suggested by your photo, Taj Mahal the Dutch way. Come on, admit it!