Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Handlebar bag map holder

On my recent trip, I rigged up a plastic map holder by using medical tape and an office folder.

It worked, but it was kind of ugly and the tape needed to be replaced each time it was opened.

It's not even good enough for Bike Hacks, so I decided to get a reusable solution.

At the "adventure" store, I found the Ortlieb map holder (intended for the Ortlieb handlebar bag). It's a very flexible plastic with built in snaps and holes for securing it to the bag. It's also waterproof. Yay.  I had to fend of three people to get it (all hovering around the area but not committing) and the guy in line ahead of me was also buying one.

It's been that kind of rainy wet summer.

I wasn't absolutely sure, but luckily it turns out that the  will fit nicely on my bag.

Flipped up for guidance and assurance.

Flipped down for the moments when I am not lost.

Next challenge: Map folding.


  1. Very cool. But is it tied down (or will you take it with you each time)? Bikes and bike accessories seem to disappear an awful lot!

    1. Yes, I take it with me each time. The bag comes off the bike very quickly and works as a purse.