Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brompton hitches a ride

While I was away cycle-touring, I left my Brompton to be fitted with a reduced front chainring that lowered all the gearing by about 20%... The shop, Kemper, is near where I had to pick up and drop off the hill-appropriate (thank you granny gear!!!!) bicycle lent to me for the tour.

I was a bit late getting to the shop after work today, so I went in to get my little brompton before they closed, but before I had dropped off the other bicycle.

No problem! They affixed it, rack to rack, on the rugged Santos with four zip-ties and away I went...

It was only a few blocks, but I still got ridiculously geeked out and had to take photos of myself riding a bike with a bike on it. Sorry.


  1. Good for you! I often load my Peugeot fold-up into the Bullitt and know what you mean about geekiness!(and don't I just love cable ties!!)



  2. Great, it looks like a bike with a dinghy, so you can abandon your Santos if it fails.

    Maybe you can fit davits on the Santos for this rescue vehicle. ;-)


  3. Ha ha ha.... a new use for our racks! We will remember this if we ever need to transport our Brompton around. Now what would be really impressive would be strapping the Santos to the Brompton rack!