Thursday, June 7, 2012

A tree in Leiden

For more on weird dutch tree practices, here, another post and another kind of tree.


  1. Weird, why? This is a very efficient way to have in tree in a place where it would be an obstacle if let free to wave its branches around - although I have my doubts about the foundations of the house wall.

    Have a look at leilinde, here for instance:
    (no English version)

  2. Training fruit trees against the side of houses is fairly common across Europe (there is nothing particularly Dutch about it) it is an old practice to maximise fruit production and supply fresh fruit for the household.

  3. An excellent practice! This tree isn't a fruit tree, I think it's just ornamental... but really, I don't know that much about trees. Obviously.

  4. I love this 'pairing-off' of the above images. They together seem to have an unspoken message for me! ;)Thanks.

  5. The trees were also used to keep houses cool in summer, especially farms, the rooms where the milk was kept needed to be cooler.