Monday, June 11, 2012

Crosswalk request

Somebody would like a pedestrian crosswalk on the Lage Rijndijk just past the Zijlport. I know this because they've chalked it in very nicely...  and  perhaps a bit excessively- the car traffic is only one direction so right of way triangles are only necessary on one side.

Desire crosswalk

The problem is that the chalk crosswalk is placed across two bicycle lanes, at the outlet of a bicycle lane turning outlet which is prioritzed for the through-traffic (cars). It's meant for cyclists that want to cross the street, so they can wait out of the way of cyclists on the path, or ride up a cut-out instead of a curb.

This means that to use the chalk crosswalk, a pedestrian would have to cross over a bicycle path, then the road, then another bicycle path to the sidewalk... while there are actual prioritized pedestrian crossings not too far away.

But I guess they are too far- even the chalk path is too far for the guy above. :)

Here's the view by google earth. 

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  1. I have the sneaky feeling that this zebra crossing is in fact meant for cyclists. Pedestrians cross wherever they want anyway, but I can imagine that cyclists would like to see the right of way here officially changed. They also tend to use pedestrian crossings when possible, in my home town at least, for the simple reason that zebra crossings are nearly always prioritized for pedestrians and drivers are conditioned to give way to whatever crosses on them.

    1. You are probably right!
      Whenever I use the pedestrian crosswalk with my bicycle, I dismount if I want the cars to stop.
      If I'd rather wait for the cars, I stay on the bike, but some stop out of habit anyways. :)

  2. This makes me want to go out and create bike lanes out of chalk in some of our neighborhoods :).