Friday, May 25, 2012

Fotografie & fietsen

Last week on polderdag, we went for a short ride out to re-photograph some knotwilgen/tree stumps that I had badly exposed the last time... (I've been obsessed with getting the perfect knotwilgen photograph for a few months now, but my fascination with the tradition of extreme tree pruning started a few years ago.) 

Bad exposure: 
I hoped the presence of my scientifically inclined boyfriend would help me be more disciplined about exposure readings.

This time, I managed to get one good shot, and then double expose the second piece of film when my boyfriend turned away.

Good exposure and double exposure:
Yeah, I really don't know how I did that.

Anyways, traveling with a  4x5 field camera and tripod is very easy on a Brompton. The front basket is huge and I don't have to unpack/repack the same way as I would with a regular pannier. It's very convenient and easy to manage. The only problems are with my photography technique, not the transport.

Photo daytrip
(Near a path lined with knotwilgen just outside of Koudekerk)

Also, I'd like to point out how the landscape had changed in just a month and a half! Flowers blooming everywhere, bugs abound, the stumps are growing new shoots.

A few fuzzy swan babies had appeared!

But yet another swan was still waiting for her nestlings and I was able to stop and take a picture without messing up the film.

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