Sunday, April 22, 2012

Early morning bicycle rescue

Weekend mornings are nice and quiet in Leiden.
The evidence of student partying in the night before is usually amusing.
Sometimes, there are bicycle trees, nice efforts made to not litter: 
Sunday Morning in Leiden
Scarfs on cars:
Car scarf
Then, there are knocked over bicycles:
Sunday morning in Leiden

And less amusingly, bicycles in the canals.

I've had to rescue two recently...
This one was resting by the handlebars. I pulled it out and leaned it against a pole nearby. Probably, I should have moved it further away to avoid a repeat.
Bicycle rescue
Bicycle rescue

Yesterday morning, evidence of a wild party night included a broken teacup: Broken tea cup

And wheels bobbing up and down in the water. (Another reason to get fat tires?) Bicycle in need of rescue

It's one of the OV-Fiets rental bicycles. I hope the person who borrowed it comes back to look for it. I left it far from the water, leaning against the building, in full view of the street.


  1. You're like a bicycle fairy God-mother!

  2. I live across from a fraternity house- it's the best that I can do. :)

  3. super alicia to the rescue:
    ta-da and an appendum to your post -
    Its not just students...

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  5. ha ha, that is so cute, just like pet rescue, but with less fur.
    I would worry that people might see you approaching their bike and think you were up to no good, perhaps interested in stealing it. You could reply "no it is okay I am the bike rescue lady, I even have a blog about it". This really makes me want to get out and ride my bike but the weather here in Alberta is still not quite bike riding weather, and as I live on a dirt road I need to wait until the road is dry, not muddy. Great blog, love the bike rescue pictures, well done, enjoyed.

  6. I heard a splash the other morning, but the bicycle hasn't resurfaced yet. I wonder if the guy in the story was drunk too? Or it's just a weird compulsion... It's so wasteful!