Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bicycle parking - centralization?

Mark of Bicycle Dutch recently wrote about bicycle parking policies and restrictions in the Netherlands. The article is very interesting and covers a lot of territory... and is relevant for something I noticed on Saturday in Nijmegen. 

Over the weekend on a visit, I saw many "flyers" hanging from the handlebars of bicycles- all legally parked at official bicycle parking racks.

Also, there were many large yellow signs directing people to other bicycle parking areas. I thought these were strange for being placed in a legal bicycle parking area, but it makes sense if, like Tilburg, they are trying to encourage parking in specific areas of the city.

I took one of the flyers and scanned it here:

And for comedic affect, I will translate it for you:

"It's nice that you rode your bicycle!

Too bad you didn't park in one of the four free and safe bicycle parking lots. There, you'll find less risk of damage or theft... blah blah blah ... So always park just a stone's throw from the city center."

Steenworp = stone's throw. :)


  1. The keyword here is "bewaakt" = guarded. See the yellow sign: a bicycle under a roof means that somebody will be watching over your prized vehicle. Nijmegen has a lot of students ...

  2. Dispersed parked bicycles make a city more beautiful, IMO. But, since I like cycling, walking, helpful communications, and security, the centralized parking communication does appeal to me.

  3. I love how polite and pleasant the flyer is while at the same time sounding a little parental and controlling.