Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tour de Cheese -- a Leiden daytrip

The baby cows and goats are here!

Just outside of Leiden, there are two excellent kaasboerderijs well worth a visit. Both are open on Saturdays, perfect for a nice bicycle trip if the weather is amenable! The ride is under 20k and goes through lovely polder landscapes and quaint neighborhoods.

Here's a map:

View Tour de cheese in a larger map
And for the goats:

More photos!


  1. Those baby goat and cows are just too adorable! And the cheese! ohhh boy, I love cheese! And reaching all these destinations by safe comfortable bike routes? I may just have to move to the Netherlands!

  2. Hero of flavor!

    Ohhhhh, cheese. I could write a love sonnet. Maybe I will.

  3. Yes, all safe bicycle routes... I don't even look up routes when I plan trips, I just rely on the fact that there will be good infrastructure. Yet to be disappointed! It's really wonderful and wow, yummy cheese!

  4. Lucky you!
    Hope that someday soon I could go on/organize a wine-n-cheese bicycling tour.;)

  5. Alicia, did you go for a bike ride to the direction of Oud Ade/Rijpwetering?
    There's a great cheese/farmstore there too :)

    1. A colleague of mine mentioned it recently- I've been out there to photograph the windmills but I didn't visit the farm.

      I will have to go and expand the "tour!"