Saturday, March 10, 2012

Student protest

On the Haarlemmerstraat today, two students were staging a protest- about students and how annoying they are!  The sign reads, "Bicycle in the canal? It was a student night."

Having been a victim of bicycle-in-the-canal-student-night, I stopped and chatted with them.  And I signed their disorganized lined notebook. No clipboard, no evidence of an actual protest platform... Strange, but what that heck. They posed for me and agreed to let me post it on this blog.

A little further down the street, another student duo appeared, one wearing a protest sign... this one reads "I am more irritating than a Polish person. Report me." When asked, the students claimed it was making fun of people who are racist and supposedly highlights how annoying students are by lowering the quality of life in Leiden. Irony? I don't really get the comparison.

They were nice and chatty but I did not sign their messy notebook.

Student stunt, actual protest or not, however,  I totally agree with NO MORE BIKES IN THE CANALS activism.


  1. You may have missed the irony. Vannacht (rhyming with gracht) means last night, so if your bike had landed (!) in the canal it must have been a drunk student late at night who did it. Which reflects the common opinion about the culprits, and I feel that the billboard means that people should not always point to irritating students first.

    The second billboard refers to a website set up by political party PVV where people who feel that they lost jobs or cannot get houses because of the recent influx of workers from Eastern Europe can vent their grievances. Nothing racist actually, but again this billboard makes fun of people complaining of noisy or otherwise irritating students, and invites them to report them.

    Students can be pests :-).

  2. Yes, I definitely missed the irony! My dutch knowledge is not that sophisticated... I thought they were admitting to be the culprits!

    I've heard about the PVV but I haven't paid enough attention... reminds me of the same anti-immigrant stuff in the U.S.