Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great new handlebar bag


My current solution involves a Freitag bag, but this new bag looks much better. If only it had an across the shoulder strap, it would be perfect. Otherwise, I  love it because it's about as feminine as recycled truck tarpaulin can get, which is certainly not too much. The velcro handlebar attachments are nicely done, and the adjustable straps in the front are a great touch for baguettes, leeks, umbrellas... :)
Hmm, maybe it is perfect. 


  1. "Hmm, maybe it is perfect."
    It should be, for 130 euros (for which you get recycled truck tarp)!

  2. I just saw one in person and luckily it's not perfect- I need a full strap. The under the arm thing isn't for me. :)

    Price wise, it is expensive unless you consider that it's made locally by the swiss. Ortlieb and Vaude cost about as much too!