Saturday, March 24, 2012

Giants and spring lambs - Flevoland daytrip

I went for a nice daytrip around Flevoland yesterday.

The weather was perfect, the wind was mostly behind me and countryside was ideal for mindless compulsive pedalling.

First stop, the giant. Can you see him?
The giant is a little cloud in the horizon

He's located out on a jetty that is attached to the Houtribdijk.
It's about 6k from the train station in central Lelystad.
The locals call him the pooping man, so, I posed appropriately.

Actually, Flevoland has a lot of great public landscape art. I wasn't sure how much I'd get too see, but the Giant and the Richard Serra in Zeewolde were on my list.

Between Lelystad and Zeewolde, I was stopped by some spring-happy sheep.
A little lamb came up and sniffed my fender.
Others simply bahhed and milled about.

I went the wrong way (by about 10k), corrected course and did make it to Zeewolde... unfortunately the Richard Serra is underwhelming.

I always love the eery scale/proportion of his pieces, but this one doesn't compare at all with already strange proportions of the manmade landscape of Flevoland. It looks too much like a normal part of the water control infrastructure that dominates the countryside.


Alas, I didn't have time to visit the other installations and still catch the train before the 4:30-6 pm restriction on full size bicycles, so I headed over a bridge to Nijkerk. Made it just in time!

Overall, it was a lovely day and I cycled about 70k on dedicated lanes and paths, all obstruction-free except for the sheep.

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