Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay, okay, it's not WD-40

As recommended by commentary, post and email, I bought some chain specific lubricant! I am spending this afternoon cleaning and lubricating my chains, link by link.

Addendum: My boyfriend would like it to be noted that he has told me to use better lubricant before but I didn't listen. Yada yada yada. ;)


  1. And if on a dreary day you need to kill time in a useful way you can always try this:

  2. Ha ha! I actually have 10lbs of paraffin wax and a melting pot for it... (My boyfriend has taken up candlemaking as a hobby) But using it for a chain just sounds weird. Have you used it, Frits?

  3. Of course not. Time spent on cleaning chains is time wasted, especially when they do their job inside a closed chaincase. Same as with my washing machine. Mine is 15 years old and started dropping some plastic parts from inside. I opened the side panel, saw the mechanicals and immediately screwed the panel back on. It still works perfectly.