Friday, February 10, 2012

Ice cycling

Ice capades on the canal!

Bikes, strollers, babies in sleds, skates, couches, chairs, dining tables, etc... I don't even have to leave my apartment.

Cycling on Ice
A view from my window.


  1. Have you seen this?:
    Reminds me of the Munchhausen story about the trumpeter who played a melody in deep-freeze conditions but heard nothing, and after the trumpet warmed up later indoors it rendered the melody all by itself. Cold cannot be good for musical instruments.
    His other other Amsterdam ice pics are also pure Avercamp.

  2. Last winter I went to see a skating competition on a near by outdoor ice rink. The race circuit was a bit smaller than the ice, so there was a 20m stretch of ice between the gritted path and the circuit. So I rode my bike out there with no problems to take some photos of the skaters. I didn't ride out: the ice was extremely smooth so I couldn't get on my bike. I had to walk. :-)

  3. Awesome photo. I love Schlijper today. He's been having a great time on the ice :)

    Timhooohz, I wouldn't bicycle on the ice on the canal here... it's smooth. But it's a university town full of silly students. Did you get good photos?

  4. Just read today that the hospital in Leeuwarden had about 100 casualties on this Saturday alone, among which 44 fractured wrists and 8 "damaged" elbows. Since February 4, they had 364 skating casualties, most of them with head wounds and concussions.

    Ice is slippery. It's time Unox started issuing orange helmets :-).

  5. @Alicia:

    Not really, the skaters were moving pretty fast and the crowd blocked part of the view and I'm a lousy photographer.

    The bikeways (which have a couple of inches of ice on them late in the winter) were not particularly slippery that day even though there was a fresh thin layer of snow on the ice. So I thought the ice on the field wouldn't be either. It wasn't until I stopped that I noticed the ice was mirror smooth and very slippery. Luckily I didn't try to turn, I'd have fallen for sure. Riding straight, no problem. :-)