Thursday, January 5, 2012

Purple bike!

I found childhood photos of the purple unicorn bicycle I learned to ride on! (There's a rainbow unicorn illustration on the banana seat.) I remember coasting down the incline of the driveway with my feet sticking out to get the balance right. After that, it was just luck and pedalling. My parents tried to get me to wear a helmet but I was always taking it off or complaining about it. The one memorable accident I had on this bicycle was due to trying to ride with one hand and make a "thumbs up" gesture with the other hand- the awesomest thing a cyclist could do... I fell off onto the sidewalk, no harm to anything other than my dignity.

But how stylish, eh? Fenders, chain guard, a basket, streamers and a squeezebulb horn!

I think this is 1983 or 1984.


  1. What a sweet little girl!! ;)
    Happy New Year :)

  2. That's an awesome bike!

    I had a sparkly blue Schwinn, where the top tube was removable, so it could be either a girls' or boys' bike.

    I don't even remember knowing that bicycle helmets existed when I was a kid, and I remember skinning my knees all the time, gashing my finger open on a mailbox (I still have a scar, had to get stitches), even breaking my thumb falling off a bike, but I never once hit my head.

    There was a big hill right by our house, and I and some other kids from the neighborhood would go riding up it and then just come flying down literally as fast as we could, jam the coaster brakes at the bottom, and see who could make the longest skid :) We went through a lot of tires :)

  3. "make a "thumbs up" gesture with the other hand- the awesomest thing a cyclist could do..."
    Times have changed:

  4. They have chopper clubs these days that go on bike rides through the polder.