Monday, January 30, 2012

Car in the bicycle lane...

Can someone please explain to me why this vehicle to me? A mini-car for the bicycle lane? Why? Who?

It's beyond me.

*** After posting
Yes, sorry... it makes sense as a handicapped mobility vehicle! In ignorance, I assumed it was an annoying pleasure vehicle like the scooters that teenagers love speeding down the bicycle paths, but no, it's a legitimate, and kind of cool vehicle that can contain an entire wheelchair.


  1. I hate those things. I guess they're allowed because the engine is only about as powerful as a moped's, but they take up way too much space.

  2. Supposedly, they are for the handicapped who cannot use bikes/mopeds. They have a max speed of 45 km/h. I think they're annoying, and very loud.

  3. This particular type of microcar is a Canta which is not seen as a microcar but as a vehicle for the handicapped - a wheelchair with a roof. They are narrower than the usual microcar and for that reason allowed on bike paths. Seen almost exclusively in Amsterdam.
    See here (in Dutch but I suppose you can manage by now):
    (in particular under Invalidenvoertuig)

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