Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bicycle twin scofflaws

I rode behind these two on my way out of Leiden on Friday. They were soooooo slow!
It was painful to stay behind them, but I wasn't in a hurry and I found their matching ruff imitation hoods very amusing. Also, they seemed to knock handlebars several times.

Then, they run the red lights at the end of the video! 
(The woman standing in the lane is a passenger of one of the other waiting cyclists.)

After the light, I caught up with them again because they are so freaking slow. Why even bother running lights??? Eventually, they turned left off my route and I put my camera away.

Kids these day.


  1. "Freaking slow" seems to mean 360m from the Haagweg 49 gateposts past the Heesterboom windmill to the turnoff in 1'24", which I make 15.4 km/h. Thank God it's Friday!
    What's your speed with a beer crate?
    And at number 49 once lived the 1913 Nobel prizewinner for physics. Isn't Google wonderful?

  2. Hi Roger! Yes, Google is wonderful... I'm impressed with your mapping and calculating- I guess I was in a hurry! But that's also the downhill section, 15.4 on downhill? Slow! :)

  3. If you are riding a bike because walking is just too damned strenuous, you might be slow.

  4. This is sauntering on wheels, bikes being no more than another pair of shoes.
    Just read that according to accident statistics the majority of biking accidents among children is due to phoning, gaming or chatting while riding. Things they also predominantly do while on foot ...