Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A car powered bicycle pump...

A quick two household survey revealed that all bicycle pumps in Iowa require cars for operation. No huffing and puffing, no back breaking manual labour. It's simple and easy to fill your bicycle tires.

First. Get your car. 

Without cars, this bicycle pump is of no use.

Find a car, turn the car on, plug in the pump.
Car powered bicycle pump

Approach with caution. It may seem weird, but go ahead, it works.
Car powered bicycle pump


  1. Instead of a one-ton heap of scrap metal, you can buy a 12V sealed lead-acid battery and a proper charger. 4 or so amp hours will be okay. The only running cost is power for charging it up, and it takes less space than the pump itself!
    Look for old fridges too, they can have compressors which are useful as well. You only need a power cord and a hose with a valve chuck.

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  3. @Elegant_Androgyne
    Maybe it's easier to buy a simple bicycle pump?

    For example:

    It's a lot smaller than the electric pump anyway.

  4. about over-complication of a simple task.

  5. Adding to the beauty and detial of the dreamcycle,the brown saddle and grips are embossed whith hiniscus graphics,giving it a fun and elegant touch Comfort Bikes.

  6. @edink - this pump is small and light and you can take it everywhere, but it needs a lot of time and handwork and the max pressure is rather low. It's okay if you have a puncture, change / patch a tube and go to a gas station to inflate your tire to proper pressure. I'm a mechanic who services bikes at Critical Mass rides in case something happens, and I take a small compressor with a battery for convenience. It works :).