Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smartphone battery pack for cycling trips

A couple of months ago, I got a smartphone and took it along on several cycling trips. I was excited about being able to look up maps 'n stuff...

However, after or during each trip (with painful rationing of the phone),  I'd inevitably say something like this:

"Stupid ^)%*^!! smart phone, what's the &^%! point if the battery doesn't last for even one day?  This thing sucks.  ^%$#^%$#."

My boyfriend listens.

For my birthday, he made me a battery pack that can charge up my phone, twice!

And, for a special touch, he put it inside a dutch cycling patch repair kit.


  1. Wow, that is really cool! Boyfriend +1 ;-)
    But don't forget to bring an original reparatiedoos as well! You could still get a flat tire and this won't help you much with that.

  2. I must add another big "WOW!" ... innovative, neat, very useful/helpful, and beautiful. Lucky, lucky you!!
    I'm very tempted to ask ... O,dear .. O,dear ...I have to ask you now!! ....eerrr ... errr...errr... Has he got a clone or brother? **deep blushing** :D heeehee.

  3. I am very lucky!
    No clones and the brother is taken, but I asked him if he knew of anyone and his only suggestion was to hang out at the physics department of the closest university... but, beware, some of those guys can be weirdos. :)

  4. lovely, i am green with envy. A lucky couple is all i can stammer... Its the attention to detail that got me, like the patch to avoid shorts. What can i say... lucky lucky...

  5. "No clone .. the brother is taken"
    Urgh...urgh! I'm too late! Unlucky me! :(

    My mission now : "to hang out at the physics department" of all universities I come across in my itineraries to find my 'gem' ( in spite of some 'weirdos' being around).
    Thank you and 'Your Him' for the suggestion.
    Regards ..Have a good day. ;)

  6. That is so cool. I don't even have a smartphone and I'm jealous.

  7. It's not an Altoids tin, but it'll do.