Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Restless in Iowa

I'm in Iowa for the holidays and I'm restless already!

Luckily, I received some nice little bicycle tools for christmas... and, I've been told that I can fix and use the bicycles in the garage... if I'm so inclined.
I am so inclined. (The weather looks fine for tomorrow.)

First step, find the bicycles in the garage!

One bicycle needs a new tire, tube, lube, air and trueing. Plus, dust removal.

The others only need air, lube and better saddles (so squishy!!! Why???). I suppose I'm a total brooks saddle snob now because I can't imagine riding around town on a plush, squishy cushion! However, if I can't get the first bicycle up and running, I won't have to imagine it. 

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